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This is me trying to keep track of all the blogs I follow and the blogs who follow me!  If I've somehow missed linking to your website, leave a comment below! This is a work in progress, so there is continuously room for growth. 

(In no particular order)

Bookish Thoughts
Sierra at Bookish Thoughts is a new blogger as well. (I'll have to update this after some time passes.) We got connected on Leafmarks and found that we have very similar taste! She's a very thoughtful reviewer, which I love, and you can tell that reading is a big priority in her life. So, obviously, she's good people.

Joyous Reads

A great blog that updates regularly and has great photography. Joyous Reads consumes a great variety of books.  She frequently mentions her book-impartial husband in her reviews, and his bemusement over her bookish passion, which is highly amusing.

Book Cat Pin

Eileen at Book Cat Pin is a sweetheart! She reviews YA and romance and prominently features her adorable orange cat on her blog.  This cat has model potential, let me tell you.  

The Perpetual Page-Turner

I follow Jamie at the Perpetual Page-Turner.  She posts very frequently and her design is out of this world.

The Midnight Garden

The ladies at the Midnight Garden are blogging superstars.  I admire them so much.  Wendy Darling has stopped by this humble blog a few times, and I nearly had coronaries of excitement every time. (Side note: I never do well meeting famous people.)

The Book Geek

Emily May at the Book Geek is one of the co-founders of Leafmarks, and I've been following her excellent reviews for years.  Her taste doesn't always match up with mine, but I love reading her extremely honest and intelligent reviews.

Prescription Fiction

Prescription Fiction is a great blog that I like to emulate, post-wise.  She posts essays on book-related issues, writes reviews of movie-adaptions, features author profiles, and much more.  I love that she breaks the mold!

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