About Me

The first thing to know about me is that I have an anxiety disorder.  I've been anxious my entire life, as even my wide-eyed baby pictures can attest to.  It's part of my personality, and is part of who I am, but my anxiety is also debilitating at times. Over the years, I have been given the resources to keep my anxiety under control, and I live a pretty normal life.  When I was a kid though, I had to find my own ways to cope.

Reading — after thumb-sucking and blanket-clutching — was the first thing that made me feel utterly calm.  Naturally, I developed an insatiable appetite for books. Where I was scared to travel, I had no problems visiting far-off locales and fantasy worlds in books.  While I was terrified of boys in real life, I was able to sigh over romances in novels.  When I was frightened to make bold decisions, I could appreciate the boldness and courage of the heroes and heroines I followed in books.

This is what gives Quest Reviews its name.  As Anais Nin wrote, "We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." By reading, we get to travel outside of ourselves and experience other places, emotions, and people. 

As I grew up, constant reading became an intrinsic part of my character.  I consumed thousands of books. When I hit college, I wondered if I should make books somehow a part of my career.  I became a lazy English major, throwing the lion's share of effort into my Art studies, while sneakily reading hundreds of "casual" books in the time I should have been writing papers.  I then decided that academic literature studies, or a career in publishing, were not realistic life goals for me.  But, I wanted to be more than just a casual reader.

Discovering the world of book blogging solved this conundrum.  I love how reviewing a book gives an act of permanence to reading.  By publishing thought-out opinions on cultural output, you become an important part of the book's story — a voice in both its critical and popular reception.

Throughout my life, reading has been one of my brightest joys.  It helped me cope with crippling anxiety for years, assisted me in the making true friendships, and has forged for me a fierce vocabulary.  Now, in some small way, I hope to foster love of reading in others, through Quest Reviews. Happy reading, everyone!

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